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OECD 2006 factbook released April 7, 2006

Posted by Tom in Opinion, Research.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (link to the right) released its 2006 Factbook, benchmarking the different OECD countries against each other.

From a review of their online-posted material (there's a paper report, too), I found an interesting set of graphs. The first two showed that American 15-year-old computer usage is at or exceeding the OECD average. The second shows our 15-year-olds' performance on math tests (in their 2003 PISA testing) vis a vis our OECD counterparts:



So if our youths' computer usage is at or exceeding the OECD average and our math scores are lower than the OECD average, are we to believe that our students can't technically understand the underpinnings of the programs that they're running? This is a scary sign for our future technology/knowledge workforce, one that should cause economic developers, workforce professionals and educators to take pause.

The OECD covers much, much more ground than just workforce issues. If you want to see their US-specific work, try this link.



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