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Fighting brain drain April 26, 2006

Posted by Tom in Opinion, Workforce.

Many communities, especially in the "Rust Belt," find that they are experiencing a brain drain – a loss of young, talented people to other cities. Conventional wisdom states that this talent, if the community was able to retain them, would be the bedrock of a bright future for the community.

The rationales behind the brain drain are a classic matter of perspective. Forging Innovation offers the oft-overlooked 20-something perspective on brain drain:

  1. We want to have ample opportunity to establish relationships with other young people
  2. We want a chance to make it big–high-powered jobs, rapid advancement, $$$
  3. We want to have fun–it has to be easy to get around to a variety of places that provide (See #1)

Sounds simple, but this has been very hard to implement. Hence the brain drain continues…



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