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Transition to the Creative Economy podcast June 3, 2006

Posted by Tom in Innovation, Opinion, Technology, Workforce.

Before I get started, let me set the scene. I’m at home, typing on the new laptop, sitting on the back deck with a setting sun and a pleasant breeze at my back. Not bad, eh?

Now to the point, I’m listening to a Phil McKinney Killer Innovations podcast on the transition to a creative economy.

Interesting stuff – basically saying that the bleeding edge companies are moving past the “Six Sigma world” of process improvement via the knowledge/information economy and toward the predictive qualities (“meeting the unmet needs of your customer”) of the creative economy. That the MBA is going to be supplanted in business need by the Masters of Fine Arts (MFA). That businesses are finding a lack of innovation capacity as their key challenge – and that current innovation efforts are failing for a number of reasons, which he lists in the podcast.

Sounds a lot to me like square pegs meeting round holes. We’re asking people who have been trained to build better mousetraps to start designing new traps – that might not necessarily be involved in catching mice. If I was a college student, I’d probably be looking carefully at different degree paths that would align me toward an innovation/creative economy position.

Very good podcast, approaching the creative issue from the businessperson’s point of view as opposed to the Richard Florida-sociologist perspective. The message appears to be hitting home; McKinney’s weekly podcast is ranked #2 on iTunes’ business category.

A much more disciplined outline of the podcast is available at the Business Innovation Insider. Another interesting streaming audio from the Business Innovation Insider is the MIT World audio from the head of the IEDO design studio regarding “Innovation through Design Thinking.”



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