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Another example of workforce determining the rate of growth June 5, 2006

Posted by Tom in Community, Economic Development, Technology, Workforce.

A local newspaper in Fort Wayne profiles triPRACTIX, a medical IT startup. Outside of its apparently dynamic, entrepreneurial and young (all good attiributes in my book) CEO, the company has a lot going for it. But a major constrictor on the rate of growth of his company is workforce:

In house, triPRACTIX is fighting an uphill battle to recruit employees to keep up with growth.

“There (are) just very few qualified candidates in northeast Indiana,” [CEO Todd] Plesko said. Information technology employees are drawn toward larger markets where there are typically more opportunities, he said.

The workforce at triPRACTIX includes systems administrations, project managers, sales personnel, technicians, engineers, management staff, help desk administrators and trainers who work directly with clients to show them how to use software applications. Pay varies greatly from about $12 an hour to six-figure salaries for a handful of management, sales and engineering employees, Plesko said.

Northeast Indiana continues to move toward knowledge and creative economy positions. Can our workforce keep up with the changes?



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