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Georgia forums reveal strong results June 5, 2006

Posted by Tom in Community, Economic Development, Education, Innovation, Technology.

Georgia Tech University and the University of Georgia, at the behest of the Southern Growth Policies Board, convened a series of 18 forums to try to develop a broader understanding of the challenges and direction of economic growth in the Peach State. Over 400 people participated in the dialogue, and the conclusions they arrived at – many of which are perfect “Convergence” topics – are many of those that I hear in the Great Lakes states. (Do we have a “convergence” of information influencers on policy leaders? Would that explain the lack of geographic flavor in the responses?)

There’s much more to the summary release referenced above (click the link to read), but here’s the short form summary:

• Spread the word on the importance of and vehicles to innovation;
• Foster a “culture of learning;”
• Develop a more customized approach to education;
• Conduct special outreach starting as early as third and fourth grade, to students and their parents, before the “light” goes out;
• Increase emphasis on developing critical thinking and problem solving skills among youth;
• Focus on fostering home-grown innovation among existing enterprises, especially entrepreneurs;
• Improve access to computers and Internet in all communities, across all socio-economic categories;
• Expand support for programs for communities to learn how to create a desirable environment for talented and creative people as a route to fostering innovation;
• Think regionally;
• Continue the dialogue.



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