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Global career confidence rises – USA, too June 8, 2006

Posted by Tom in Research, Workforce.

Right Management (part of Manpower) reports that the global career confidence index rose to 57.0 in the past six months.  That means that more than half the respondents to their international survey believe that they either won't get laid off or will be able to find work easily in their career if laid off.  

Their quick insight on the United States market:

Worker confidence in the United States rebounded from a dip six months ago and approached the all-time high confidence levels reported one year ago.  American workers were both more optimistic about their chances of holding on to their jobs in the coming year (80 percent thought it was not likely they would be laid off) and weremore sanguine about the possibility of a rise in the unemployment rate (only 30 percent thought it was “very likely” the unemployment rate would rise in the coming year,contrasted with 44.5 percent who said the same six months ago). It is likely that Hurricane Katrina, which hit just before the last survey was administered, colored American workers’views of the job market six months ago.

I would love to see the American results broken down by state or region.   Interesting report, though.



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