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Sunday’s dose of admiration June 18, 2006

Posted by Tom in Community, Housekeeping.

Hi all – I'm back from a week on the Lake Michigan shore. And I have the requisite early summer German-Irish suntan (not a picture of yours truly…). Seriously, it was a great vacation. We "discovered" a handful of fantastic coastal communities, and I rediscovered my love for Sleeping Bear Dunes – a place I hadn't seen since my parents took the family on camping trips many, many years ago.

This morning has been spent cleaning out the inboxes and trying to catch up on a week's worth of news and blog activity. So let's ramp the Convergence activity up slowly with an unsolicited demonstration of admiration:

If you haven't had a chance to look at the site in the list of links to the side, take a couple minutes and look at Buffalo Rising.

Recruiting and retaining the knowledge professionals – the Creative Class, to use Richard Florida's term – that economic and workforce developers want so badly as foundational pieces of their community's 21st Century future – is a terrific challenge, made even harder when you're in a community like Buffalo, who is fighting the Rust Belt perception while dealing with lake-effect snow levels that put South Bend to shame.

A fantastic way to fight unfair perceptions (like those that I offered up in the prior paragraph) is to build a community promotion website. The good people of Buffalo, New York have done just that – and, for my money, it's the best combination of information, utility, young attitude and community boosterism that I've come across. It's always a pleasure to check out what's new at Buffalo Rising.  The site has gone a long way in changing my perception of the community.
"Cooler" communities could learn volumes from this outstanding site.



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