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The Class of the New June 20, 2006

Posted by Tom in Innovation, Workforce.

Knowledgeland links us to British author Richard Barbrook's open source book, "The Class of the New."  The (digital) dust jacket describes it like this:

In this short book, Richard Barbrook presents a collection of quotations from authors who in different ways attempt to identify an innovative element within society – 'the class of the new'. Announcing a new economic and social paradigm, this class constitutes a 'social prophecy' of the shape of work to come. From Adam Smith's 'Philosophers' of the late 18th century, down to the 'Creative Class' celebrated by sociologist Richard Florida today, the class of the new represents the future of production within and beyond capitalism.

I'm still catching up from vacation, so I can't say as I've had a chance to read all of it.  What I have read offers a fascinating historical perspective on a demographic that our society has only recently delved into.  Richard Florida buffs like yours truly should enjoy yet another perspective on what we Americans call "The Creative Class."

(The 115-page PDF book is distributed under an open source license – meaning you can download the PDF for free – but the author asks for $7.50 a copy on his site.  It's worth the meager investment, if only to encourage the author to keep up the good work.)



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