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New Jersey: Gov. Corzine ramps up economic development efforts September 18, 2006

Posted by Tom in Economic Development, Workforce.

The Asbury Park (NJ) Press reports on Governor Jon Corzine’s new efforts at furthering economic development in the Garden State:

Corzine created the Office of Economic Growth and asked Gary Rose, chief of the office, and a team of business and union leaders to develop a strategy to jump-start the economy.

The result was a 32-page document that outlined six priorities, from marketing the state to creating new technology.

The program spends no new money and has only a handful of new programs, including the $150 million Edison Innovation Fund to spark high-tech companies and the $185 million New Jersey Urban Fund to create economic growth in cities.

Beyond that, experts said, the plan calls for making existing programs work better.

Links within the Press’ page on this story (a nice feature which more newspapers should offer) go straight to the new New Jersey economic development website and a press release from the Governor’s office announcing the new economic development strategy:

The Governor identified six priorities for growth and has detailed specific action steps to implement them in partnership with business, labor, education and community leaders. In summary the six priorities are:

  • Priority 1: Market New Jersey for economic growth by partnering with the state’s businesses and helping them to grow and prosper;
  • Priority 2: Develop a world-class workforce by assisting the state’s students and job seekers to obtain the skills and education needed in a competitive global economy;
  • Priority 3: Promote sustainable growth with a particular emphasis on the state’s cities and make strategic infrastructure investments to support economic growth while protecting the environment;
  • Priority 4: Nurture the development of new technologies, and ensure that the state continues to be a leader in innovation;
  • Priority 5: Encourage entrepreneurship and the growth of small, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses; and
  • Priority 6: Enhance the global competitiveness of New Jersey’s businesses.

At first blush, Corzine’s plan looks remarkably similar to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ Accelerating Growth strategic plan for the Hoosier State. It’s good to see that workforce is again recognized as an important pillar of economic development.



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