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WIRED: Upstate New York editorial September 18, 2006

Posted by Tom in Community, Economic Development, Stronger Organizations, WIRED, Workforce.

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle editorial board challenges the Upstate New York region to come together:

The inclination in this region and upstate generally is to cling to old structures, to stay cemented to old turf, to protect the present at the expense of the future. There are a lot of entities, public and private, that are doing essentially the same work separately. Government leads the way in this. From City Hall to fire and sewer districts, there are 700-odd governmental bodies in Monroe County. That kind of excess hurts New York competitively.

Is there a current example of the kind of synergy needed? Yes. The U.S. Labor Department is putting $15 million into a unique local consortium, called WIRED, of high-tech-related agencies and business leaders. It’s a test of government-fueled local partnering. And it’s also a test of this region’s ability to keep turf and parochialism out of sight.

Government focus. More local cooperation. Tight networks of funding and support.

Will it bring us another Kodak or Xerox? Can we afford not to do more to find out?

Nice editorial on a theme that I’m hearing more and more from different regions of the country. Worth the read, regardless of where you’re from.



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