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Harvard Business Review: “Developing First-Time Managers Collection” September 28, 2006

Posted by Tom in Education.

One of the wider pieces of feedback that I’ve received since getting into the world of workforce – from employers, economic developers and beyond – is that insufficient attention is being paid by the public workforce system to the issue of managerial development…especially first-time managers.

As the workforce shrinks and the large Baby Boom generation retires, those Baby Boomers will take a large amount of managerial experience with them. Take the example of a grocery store (real world example): The classic story is that of the motivated, hardworking bagger or cashier who is promoted to department or store management. Or, in another real world example: How about a manufacturer, who wants to take their long-tenured, highly-skilled machinist and move them into the management chain?

Sadly, our society is presuming that these top performers have what it takes to succeed in management. But that’s not to be assumed. So who’s taking these non-degreed staff and infusing them with the management skills needed to succeed? Believe it or not, this is a major concern for communities and a question that economic development prospects are asking.
I’ll guess that there are a number of independent or unorthodox training programs on the market, but I received an email for one that probably is a better bet than many: Harvard Business Review has released a collection of learning materials called the “Developing First-Time Managers Collection.” Combining HBR books and a CD-ROM, it appears that employers would have a nifty collection of training tools.

(Lest anyone think otherwise, I’m not getting a dime in royalty for this promotion – nor am I coordinating promotion of this program with Harvard Business Review in any way.)



1. Kman - September 29, 2006

Just came across your site. It’s great. I enjoyed the link to the Canadian economic development. I may apply for a grant!

Thanks again

2. Tom - September 29, 2006

Glad you like the site. Good luck with the grant!

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