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The 8 Truths of Real Innovators September 29, 2006

Posted by Tom in Innovation.

Alain Thys, in his Marketing Profs: Daily Fix blog, offers “8 Truths of Real Innovators.” While I won’t give away the details behind what he offers (You’ll have to read his link – well worth the click!), consider his 8 Truths and how those philosophies could be (or, better yet, already are) positively applied in the worlds of workforce and economic development. Also, consider ways that workforce and economic development could be harnessed to support these traits in our communities:

  • Truth #1: Stop equating innovation to R&D.
  • Truth #2: Pay people to fail.
  • Truth #3: Treat everyone as an innovator.
  • Truth #4: Kill bad ideas quickly.
  • Truth #5: Launch first, worry about the shortcomings later.
  • Truth #6: Don’t believe what your customers tell you, dig deeper.
  • Truth #7: Don’t try radical innovation, buy it.
  • Truth #8: Mix elements that shouldn’t be mixed.

These Truths are counter-intuitive to so much of our work. And we wonder why we are not more successful at what we do?



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