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Alabama: Step up to the WiFi plate October 2, 2006

Posted by Tom in Community, Economic Development.

Interesting comments by Laz Sanchez in response to my post on municipal WiFi projects. Most profound is this paragraph:

My confusion stems from everyone screaming help us, but no-one replying to my HELP. I have read countless articles on “Enterprise-Ready Communities”, “Breaking the Digital Divide”, “Rural Economic Expansion”, “Technological Growth”, and I am responding…but few and almost none are responding. ( I have had a slight show of interest from Prattville and Thomasville communities and we are trying to work with them to see if our plan makes sense for their communities. My vision is a web of co-ops all “roaming” within each other cohesively and in symbiosis or synergistic state of operations. Alabama as a huge “HOT-ZONE” of municipal and private sector networks working as one (on a topical layer) to provide Alabama a ubiquitous blanket of wired and wireless communications.

So there you have it, Dixie communities…if you really want to be competitive in the global economy, infrastructure improvements like municipal WiFi are an imperative. Once you get that infrastructure, however, you have to leverage your new capacity through application by your companies and entrepreneurial human capital – which likely will need special training.

(UPDATE: I am receiving no compensation from this organization. I’m just trying to be a conduit for information.)



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