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Broadband as a driver of economic development October 2, 2006

Posted by Tom in Community, Economic Development, Innovation, Technology.

Brewed Fresh Daily highlighted this impressive info-torial on LastMile about OneCleveland‘s development of a broadband infrastructure in that city – and its powerful effect on the people and the economy of Cleveland:

Reflecting a commitment to architect an integrated and bold strategy for northeast Ohio, the build out of our community network is part of a regional IT strategy that includes skills development, economic development, the transformation of many of our world-class institutions, early stage venture capital and addressing social inclusion and access strategies for our inner city.

In the context of the multiple goals of economic development, advancing knowledge and mastery of “netizenship” (being technology literate and able to understand both the personal and common benefit of a connected community), and advancing and catalyzing broadband technology adoption across the region, the value of the community network project is based on our ability to enable:

  • An unprecedented level of collaboration among institutions as they share information, resources, applications and services
  • Private sector technology companies to develop, test and deploy next generation technologies, products and services in collaboration with our subscribers with a history and interest in early adoption
  • Enhanced, expanded and innovative services to be developed and deployed by our community institutions to the benefit of our residents and visitors.

By working to reduce barriers and to enable new technologies, OneCleveland is also creating market opportunities for private sector information and communications technology (ICT) businesses that service the region and beyond.

That’s not to say that all’s well in the city on the lake. Brewed Fresh Daily offers the article with more than a hint of skepticism, and one of the commenters in their blog entry offers a stinging counter-opinion on what will make Cleveland grow and prosper. Two sides to every story, I guess.

At the same time, OneCleveland‘s work is darned impressive. I hope their broadband revolution delivers the results that they want.



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2. George Nemeth - October 7, 2006

“I hope their broadband revolution delivers the results that they want.”

Who’s they?

If you ask me, it’s the institutions that are subscribers. Hardly revolutionaries. Someone told me that Lev Gonick was trying to give the City of Cleveland equipment to set up WiFi hotspots. No one at the City would do it…

3. Tom - October 8, 2006

Thanks for your comment, George. It’s good to know that people take what I offer up and run it through their own critical lens. As such, I’ll readily acknowledge that you know more than I do about what’s going on in Cleveland. I am not and have never been a resident (but I do have some family ties to the area).

The purpose of my blog is to highlight the alignment of workforce and economic development. The fostering of a knowledge economy is a critical component if America (and its countless geographic regions) is to stay competitive (compete?) in the global economy.

Whether it’s the City or the non-governmental sector that drives the development of broadband – who really cares? The important thing is that the development is taking place. The greater Cleveland area should be all the better for the developments outlined in the “info-torial” referenced on my blog…assuming that they’re really taking place.

BTW, you have a nifty blog going. It’s good to see informed, reasoned dialogue about the goings on in your community. Having lived in communities where such dialogue doesn’t take place, you should pat yourselves on the back. Keep fighting the good fight – small “d” democracy is a GREAT thing!

(Cross-posted at Brewed Fresh Daily)

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