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Bunk Floating, or Your Friendly Blog Update October 2, 2006

Posted by Tom in Housekeeping.

A couple quick items as I look inward for a moment:

  • Yesterday*, “Convergence” hit an all-time high for readership. And it was a special day, as yesterday was the first day that this little blog went over 100 page views on the day (WordPress.com doesn’t count my periodic check-ins). 118, to be exact. Best. Day. Ever. (I’ll credit Burgh Diaspora for putting the number over the top.) The growth curve experienced by this little 5-month-old blog says a great deal about the hunger for information from the world of workforce and economic development. I hope you enjoy the blog and its content. Which brings me to bullet number two…
  • If you didn’t notice, there now is a “Guestbook” page tab at the top of the blog. One of my goals in creating this blog was to foster a wide community of interest around the twin pillars of “Convergence,” workforce and economic development. That’s why the blog offers space for readers to offer comments after every blog entry – because I want to know what you think about the topics raised. I want to learn more from the people who know more than I do, because others will learn as well. I hope that others who have additional insights can enhance the blog’s dialogue. And, hopefully, we will all take the lessons learned in this blog and use them to build our respective communities in smarter and stronger ways. So please feel free to leave a comment. Or, if you just want to say hello, drop an entry in the Guestbook. It already had its first entry, and I am now scared of the implications of offering up floating bunk to you, the readers. I guess the bar is raised. Please keep it that way!

*Little known, useless fact: WordPress.com operates on Greenwich Mean Time, meaning that our “day” runs from 8PM-8PM, not midnight-midnight.



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