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New blog offers HR insights on Baby Boomer retirements and NextGen October 12, 2006

Posted by Tom in Human Resources, Innovation, Workforce.

Tina Berger, President of Obsidian Technical Communications, a petrochemical consulting company, launched a new blog and hit two home runs:

  • In “The Big Crew Change,” she outlines the challenges and possible solutions facing an industry with a rapidly graying workforce.   The industry looks at the forthcoming intergenerational transfer as a giant “crew change,” and offers four suggestions to boost industry skill levels in short order.  Like most HR-related advice, her ideas transcend her industry.  This issue of how to deal with looming Baby Boomer retirements is something that every company, industry and community should be considering.  If you don’t act fast, you’ll be left with no talent.
  • In “NextGen: Lead, Follow, or….“, Berger discusses the challenges of recruiting and retaining the new twenty-something workforce.  Again, lots of good advice for managers of all types.  Key thoughts: Engage your younger workers and learn from them as much as you are teaching them.  Also, make sure that you’re using the technologies that they’re used to seeing.

This whole issue of the Baby Boomer retirements – and of recruiting the next generation of workers – complicates the Creative Class discussion tremendously.  Long story short: There’s a real small group of workers that everyone will want.  It’s up to you to effectively recruit them.  Nothing is guaranteed.



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