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WIRED: Updates from around America October 12, 2006

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The WIRED news is coming fast and furious, so please accept these links to WIRED-related articles from across the country:

The jobs that are being created and planned by businesses require more skill levels than ever before, Carbone said. He also predicted that more emphasis will be placed on the education and training of the work force in the future. “The whole value of the worker will grow as that worker becomes in short supply, and businesses will think of their workers as a commodity that they’ve got to nurture. And in doing so, we think they’ll recognize that productivity growth and a smarter work force is our competitive edge.”

The WorkPlace Inc. offers incentive grants to small companies in the manufacturing, health care and retail sectors, among others, “to begin to get them into the business of education and training of their work force,” Carbone said.

Carbone told his audience to watch out for two new initiatives: one from the U.S. Department of Labor, the Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development, and an independent initiative titled the “Corridor” Project: NY-CT Alliance for Workforce & Economic Development.

Work force districts are “sort of created around political lines,” he said, and the United States now has 632 of those districts, he said. “There are too many there are too many that are too small.” As a result, work force issues do not progress or they have “a low level of importance on the social calendar of all the issues that we have to deal with,” Carbone said. “WIRED is intended to force the system to own up to that and to redefine their districts in a way that provides maximum benefits to people and products to businesses.”

The Corridor Project is a regional collaboration between Westchester and Fairfield counties, explained the Director of Marketing, Communications and Planning for The WorkPlace Inc Jo Shute during a brief telephone interview Tuesday. Both counties face similar work force challenges, and the alliance is a collaboration to work with businesses in both counties to meet the labor needs of the larger region, Shute explained.

Carbone said the Corridor Project initiative is a workforce operations effort intended to bring the area together to be more cost efficient and competitive.



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