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Rochester, NY WIRED: 12 different programs started October 26, 2006

Posted by Tom in Community, Economic Development, Education, WIRED.

I know I wait too long to post WIRED updates, but life intrudes too much. (Darn that work thing!) I have a lot of catching up to do, and we’ll start in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. The Finger Lakes Partnership approved 12 new programs with its WIRED funds:

  1. Master of science degree in science and technology commercialization, which will address the shortage of people who can look at a technology and determine whether it can be commercialized.
  2. Entrepreneurship and strategic growth immersion sequence program, which will target managers who want to join commercialization teams. Will also target existing and potential entrepreneurs.
  3. The Entrepreneurs Network, a six-month program that will include boot camps and workshops.
  4. Pre-seed workshops, which will help assess business potential for specific inventions.
  5. Small business outreach and access, which will educate entrepreneurs and small business owners about funding opportunities and other types of assistance.
  6. Tech commercialization process, which will help accelerate the commercialization of university and company technologies.
  7. Scholarship fund, which will address skilled worker shortages in industries such as alternative energy, biotechnology, optics and imaging, and other fields.

  8. Regional apprentice system, which will start several new education/training programs for certain industry clusters.
  9. Education internships, which will place teachers in industry as a way to help forge a link between high-tech and emerging industries and educators, schools and employers.
  10. Predictive analysis/business attraction, which will help develop an understanding of assets in targeted clusters.
  11. Predictive analysis/retention and expansion, which will identify companies with a high likelihood of expansion or contraction, so economic development resources are better focused.
  12. Finger Lakes Resource Network, which will develop a Web portal to better connect regional economic and work force development efforts.

Here’s what they’re saying about WIRED in Rochester:

Matt Hurlbutt, managing director of the partnership, said after a Rochester Workforce Investment Board meeting Tuesday that many of the 12 programs are getting ready for implementation. Another 11 initiatives are being reviewed, including a program to get private industries to work more collaboratively with each other — even with competitors. By collaborating, industry will be better able to identify regional gaps, opportunities and resources.

“It’s all about changing the culture,” Hurlbutt said.

Quite a promising start. And 11 other programs in the works? That’s an ambitious program of work, considering that we’re talking about $15 million over 3 years. At that pace, they may very well change their culture to better align themselves for the new economy.



1. rick rivers - November 29, 2006

Matt, you spoke at the RRPC board meeting last Tuesday, 11/21/06. Can you e-mail me a copy of your presentation so I can forward it to board members who were unable to attend.


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