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WIRED: Pensacola details, Colorado program greenlighted October 27, 2006

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I think that this will be the last of my WIRED update catchup posts:

Among aims (no less) of the six winners of $100,000 entrepreneur grants: revolutionize business travel, reorganize the way businesses worldwide capture and reuse high-value information, help medical researchers monitor human activity. They’ll also: aid in crime-solving, increase data security for businesses and enable construction of stronger buildings.

Their profiles:

· DayJet Corp., although based in Delray Beach, will impact our region when it launches its “affordable, personalized, on-demand jet travel” by early next year; Pensacola and Tallahassee are two of five initial Florida launch sites. Flying a fleet of the new Eclipse 500 aircraft — touted as the world’s first very light jet (VLJ) — the service will expand to 20 Southeast locations within a year. Pending travel options have drawn keen interest from Pensacola and neighboring Baldwin County (Ala.), says a DayJet representative.

· Ceryph Inc., a project of Silver Bullet Technology founders in Pensacola, will be first to commercialize breakthrough technology of Florida Institute of Human and Machine Cognition, including its Cmap Tools software, which already has thousands of users worldwide. Ceryph’s association with FIHMC puts it on the cutting edge of knowledge management, a market expected to grow 15 to 40 percent annually.

· Actigraph LLC of Fort Walton Beach provides activity-measuring medical devices being used in 40 countries, to accomplish a diversity of tasks including, currently, determining if elephants and rhinos at Cleveland MetroPark Zoo are getting enough exercise, monitoring National Football League referees and aiding in obesity studies in children. The company expects 40 percent growth this year.

· Trinity DNA in Milton was Florida’s first private, forensically accredited DNA testing laboratory when it opened in 2004; there are still just two. Growing demand for DNA testing and a backlog of cases among law enforcement agencies prompts president Candy Zuleger to expect to double staff within a year, adding four more forensic-DNA analysts. A sample case: Trinity analyzed a DNA swab off a piece of crack cocaine for a South Florida investigator and determined the user was female — so the case against the man charged was dismissed. Also providing clients: cases seeking proof of paternity or identity.

· GridSouth Networks of Pensacola, a partnership of Creative Data Concepts and owners of AppRiver, and fusing capability of the two successful companies, offers in-demand business service ensuring security and availability of Internet connectivity.

· O&M Steel, owned by Oliver Darden and Marvin Ginns Sr., will start production Nov. 15 in Pensacola’s Enterprise Zone, manufacturing steel studs for homes — framing tougher than wood and providing better storm prevention. They’ve already hired six workers

  •  The Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation received their approval from the City of Denver to begin the WIRED-funded implementation of their special training program to develop home-grown talent for the Denver region’s high tech employers:

[EDC Executive Vice President Tom] Clark said there will be a strong link between educational institutions and the private sector on new programs that focus on four “key employment clusters”: aerospace, biotechnology, energy, and software development and information technology.

“We know those four job areas are going to be drivers in the Colorado economy for at least the next 25 years, at least for a generation of people,” he said. “We have to strategically say, ‘Those are places where the greatest opportunity for the best incomes and the greatest job longevity are located for Colorado kids.’ “



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