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WIRED: 2 regional blogs pick up on the action October 30, 2006

Posted by Tom in Community, Opinion, WIRED, Workforce.

Part of the effectiveness of programs like WIRED will come from its concepts entering the public consciousness. You can see some of that within the media, but another form will be the online communities of blogs.

To that end, Electric City Renaissance (Scranton, PA) and the John Locke Foundation’s Piedmont (NC) Publius add links to their respective region’s WIRED projects. Good for them. Hopefully, they will eventually offer independent observations of WIRED from their regions.

[UPDATE] Sam Hieb, author of the Piedmont Publius blog entry, refers to an article he wrote in Carolina Journal when the North Carolina WIRED program was announced.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that, as a workforce professional, I’ll agree to disagree with the premise of the article. Targeted workforce training initiatives that are designed to meet market demands for specific workers makes perfect sense, especially in this global economy. If the Unites States isn’t offering workforce programming to match, if not exceed, programming by our worldwide competitors…well, that’s unilateral disarmament in the talent wars.  There are many, many ways to better misspend the people’s monies.



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